Dare to Dream

I read somewhere recently that one of the most common assumptions we make is to believe that the middle of our story is actually the end. It pretty much feels like that, doesn’t it? Whatever is going on right now is just so immediate that it’s very hard to look past it and have a vision for what’s up ahead. Without that vision, it’s very easy to fall into hopelessness. Here’s a quote from one of my favorite books, The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge –

“One of the most poisonous of all Satan’s whispers is simply, ‘Things will never change.’ That lie kills expectation, trapping our heart forever in the present. To keep desire alive and flourishing, we must renew our vision for what lies ahead.”

Isn’t that true? I have spent years believing that the situation I was in was going to last forever, but praise God, it didn’t.  It is absolutely vital that we understand our potential for change! Dare to dream of a better time, a better life. Look deep into your heart and ask yourself, what would it look like if I did things differently? How would it feel to be fully alive and living the life God wants for me? How would my life be different? I don’t believe that God wants us to stay stuck in lifeless circumstances. He loves the unexpected and he loves surprises. Just think of some Bible stories. Mary, engaged to be married, is surprised to find that God has chosen her to be the mother of his son, Jesus. The apostles, in a boat at night, are surprised to see Jesus walking toward them on the water. Saul, on his way to Damascus to persecute the new church, is surprised to find that God has a completely different plan for him. Or what about the empty tomb on Sunday morning? Isn’t that the greatest and best surprise of all?

Dare to dream, and ask God what HIS vision for your life is. Don’t be surprised if it’s much bigger and better than anything you ever imagined.


About glennjack

A pilgrim on a long journey. A son of God seeking the face of his Father. A father of 4. A writer, musician and overall deep thinker. A lover of the wild and untamed places. A seeker of truth, justice and peace. I am all of the above, and more.
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