What Would You Do?

I would like to ask you to think for a few minutes about something that is vital to who you are. The question is – what do you really love to do? What floats your boat, gets you going, fires you up? Is there something you love to do above everything else? What would you do if you could do anything in the world? Are you doing it regularly? Are you able to do it often enough to keep your heart “healthy”? Did you know that you were created with unique gifts and passions that were meant to be expressed?

I used to believe, and you may believe it too, that I had to sell most of my time just to survive. That’s called a job to most people. What I found was that I wasn’t alive for big chunks of time. I was “workin’ for the weekend” so to speak, and then finding the weekends were far too short. At first it was just frustrating, but I didn’t see any way out of it and I didn’t see what it was doing to me. Over the years that mentality, that way of “life”, was slowly but surely sucking the passion out of my soul. I woke up one day to find myself a passionless man. My wife and kids remembered how I used to be, but I really didn’t. I thought I had always been this way, but it wasn’t true. I had just lost the connection to the part of me that lived, the passionate husband, the fun loving dad, the musician, the writer and teacher. All lost because I had poured far too much of myself into making money in a profession that no longer spoke to my heart, and left no room for the activities that stirred my passion. Getting my passion back wasn’t an easy process, but it was the one thing I wanted to do more than anything else. Now that I’m on that road to recovery I can see for myself just how much I had lost and how close I came to losing it forever.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m willing to bet that there are some of you who can relate to my story. If so, there is hope if you want to recover your heart. All it takes is recognizing the situation and taking positive action to move yourself into a different attitude. It was worth the effort for me and I believe it will be for you, too. What would you do if you could do thing you most wanted to do, and how would that speak to your heart? There is only one of you. You are special. You were MADE to be you, not some clone or cog in a machine. LIVE like your life counts. It does. There will only ever be one you. Make the most of it.


About glennjack

A pilgrim on a long journey. A son of God seeking the face of his Father. A father of 4. A writer, musician and overall deep thinker. A lover of the wild and untamed places. A seeker of truth, justice and peace. I am all of the above, and more.
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One Response to What Would You Do?

  1. leafless says:

    I have had a similar experience. It’s tough to maintain the same level of passion as when we were young. That’s life, I guess.

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