Be Thankful For All You Have

You know, I’m not nearly as thankful as I should be. I have a wonderful wife and four of the best kids a man could ever ask for. Really. So why am I always so worried about what I don’t have and what’s not going right at the moment? I need to remember Matthew 6:25-34. Worry doesn’t add anything good to your life.

I was reminded this week in a very stark way that life should be appreciated and cherished even when everything isn’t perfect, because there are no guarantees about tomorrow.  First, a lady Morgan knows from Ransomed Heart lost her 13 month old daughter to a mysterious illness. One day she was fine. Two days later she was on life support. She died the next day. Needless to say, everyone is in shock. The next day, a friend of mine from work lost his sister after a long battle with cancer. Life is short, and there are no guarantees. It’s very important to live life to the fullest while we can.

Something I have been pondering a lot lately is the concept of living a life of thanksgiving. If I take everything that is going right in my life and put it on a scale, it by far out weighs the bad stuff. And let’s be real. In the global picture, I have to count potable water and sufficient food as MAJOR benefits. Even owning and driving my own car puts me in a small minority of the world’s population. Aside from that, I have my health and my family is all well. We have a great relationship, which is rare these days. We have a roof over our heads, and I have a job that pays the bills. What do I really have that merits all the worry? OK, the U.S. economy isn’t in great shape, and there’s a war we’ve been fighting for much longer than anyone anticipated. Those aren’t insignificant. But isn’t there sufficient justification in most of our lives for us to be royally thankful for all the blessings we are receiving? All that worry only robs us of the joy we should be experiencing and sharing with the people around us.

Maybe the problem is that our focus is all wrong. The media is constantly reporting bad news, and commercials are designed to make us dissatisfied with what we have. There is a constant drum beat of fear and dissatisfaction. Do we really have to buy into all of that? I don’t think so. Take a few moments right now to consider all that you have, all the blessings you may take for granted on a daily basis. Even if your life isn’t perfect, isn’t it good to be alive? Make a practice of remembering all the good things. It will change your outlook and your attitude.


About glennjack

A pilgrim on a long journey. A son of God seeking the face of his Father. A father of 4. A writer, musician and overall deep thinker. A lover of the wild and untamed places. A seeker of truth, justice and peace. I am all of the above, and more.
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